Austeja from Bournemouth now signed with All Eyes on You Modelling agency  

Darcie Mia – Final Photoshoot

Final shoot of the year and time to express all those lines and angles and idea’s that myself and Darcie have worked with all year, resulting in a very fluid and free photoshoot, with two winter looks that Darcie put together herself and on location at Sandbanks.

Morning after Halloween

Waking up at 4am in the morning after Halloween decided to go out and explore the Bournemouth/Boscombe Pier’s and New Forest which at that time of the morning was shrouded in heavy mist and very quiet and magical at that time of the day.  

Darcie I-D Inspired

A few of my favourite shots from the shoot a few weeks ago with Darcie Mia Lewis taken near Highcliffe. This was inspired from an idea from Darcie herself and was left to us both to interpret the idea in our own style.