The camera doesn’t matter…

All images taken with a 2002 3MB Canon powershot

Darcie Mia – Final Photoshoot

Final shoot of the year and time to express all those lines and angles and idea’s that myself and Darcie have worked with all year, resulting in a very fluid and free photoshoot, with two winter looks that Darcie put together herself and on location at Sandbanks.

Jersey War Tunnels

Since visiting Auschwitz 4 years ago , I have been fascinated by the 2nd World War and the history and tragedy that the war created, Jersey has it’s own history regarding the 2nd World War when the Germans took over the small Island to use as a base to try to invade England.

Stephanie Hill

Back in July Stephanie and mum Elaine came down to see me from Yorkshire and setup a little studio for some portrait shots and down to the beach near where I live in Hampshire. One day I’ll go up to Yorkshire and visit the Dales and call into see Steph and Elaine..