The camera doesn’t matter…

All images taken with a 2002 3MB Canon powershot

Darcie Mia – Final Photoshoot

Final shoot of the year and time to express all those lines and angles and idea’s that myself and Darcie have worked with all year, resulting in a very fluid and free photoshoot, with two winter looks that Darcie put together herself and on location at Sandbanks.

Morning after Halloween

Waking up at 4am in the morning after Halloween decided to go out and explore the Bournemouth/Boscombe Pier’s and New Forest which at that time of the morning was shrouded in heavy mist and very quiet and magical at that time of the day.  

Darcie I-D Inspired

A few of my favourite shots from the shoot a few weeks ago with Darcie Mia Lewis taken near Highcliffe. This was inspired from an idea from Darcie herself and was left to us both to interpret the idea in our own style.  

The Changing Colors of Autumn

One of the most glorious time of the year, seeing nature’s way of creating the color spectrum. Taken on Leica M9P

Jersey War Tunnels

Since visiting Auschwitz 4 years ago , I have been fascinated by the 2nd World War and the history and tragedy that the war created, Jersey has it’s own history regarding the 2nd World War when the Germans took over the small Island to use as a base to try to invade England.

Stephanie Hill

Back in July Stephanie and mum Elaine came down to see me from Yorkshire and setup a little studio for some portrait shots and down to the beach near where I live in Hampshire. One day I’ll go up to Yorkshire and visit the Dales and call into see Steph and Elaine..    

Briony-Mai Reynolds

Last month whilst on a photo day trip to Newquay I met Briony-Mai Reynolds. Briony joined us on the photo trip days we were doing at Newquay beach and this is just after an hour or so with Briony, sometimes you meet someone now and again who just has the most natural presence in front […]

Darcie Mia Lewis – Evening Festival Look

Back at the end of June, met up with one of my favourite models Darcie, we styled her on the festival look and went into a nearby field and found a tyre swing and and used the area and evening lighting to create some stunning images for Darcie’s portfolio. Shot using Leica M9P and 50mm […]

Amber Twell

Amber came down to Hampshire back in June for a few beach shots and some studio style shots

Creating Pictures from Pictures – Sony Exhibition

Visit to London the weekend to the Sony Photography exhibition, some amazing images and really powerful documentary photography.

Lynmouth Harbour Mist Falls

Lynmouth Hardbour in North Devon a beautiful little harbour town descended in mist and everything went quiet and still…

Valley of the Rocks – North Devon

Probably one of the most spectacular sights of nature in England.

Waterfalls – North Devon

Recent visit to North Devon and some raging waterfalls and the beauty of water powering through whatever obstacles in its way. All shot using Leica M9P and 50mm Summilux lens mounted on a tripod.

Amber Twell – Miss Cambridgeshire

Great meeting up with Amber Twell and her Mum and Dad from Cambridge yesterday who is Miss Cambridgeshire, we started off with a few indoor studio shots and then headed down to the beach where I live in Hampshire. Using natural lighting on a very cold and overcast day , created the mood for the […]

Darcie Mia

1st time meeting with Darcie from Bournemouth and just one or two looks.

Auschwitz – 70 Years

Auschwitz – 70 Years

Sports Photography – Some great times

Sports Photography – Some great times About 5 years ago , I did my final year as a Sports photographer, which took a lot of practice and time. It took me about 2 years doing non League football for the local newspapers and then I got a break with an agency on london to photograph […]