2014 Highlights

2014..A year of lots of fun meeting people and creating some great images and inspiration for 2015



Courtney Manston – Singer

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be invited to do some photo’s for young Courtney who is a singer from Bournemouth. Definatley a talent to watch out for the future.


CourtneyManston (23 of 28)

Georgie De Castro

I met Georgie at the Miss Hampshire Photoday and I ended going across to the Isle of Wight to do a photoday with Georgie and then later in the year spend a week at her parents guest house of the island. Georgie went on to gain a Semi Final place representing the Isle of Wight at the Miss England Semi Finals.

GeorgiedeCastro (22 of 102)

Jasmine Orr

Jasmine was a finalist at Miss Hertfordshire this year and just before the finals I visited Jasmine to do a little photosession for her, I’m sure Jasmine will be entering Miss Hertfordshire again this year and good luck at the finals.

JasmineOrr (45 of 129)

Justine Georgiou

I’ve known Justine for about 3 years now and this year she came runner up at Miss Hertfordshire and some of these images are from a little shoot with Justine who is always great to work with, have another great year Justine.

Justine (49 of 122) Justine (86 of 122)

Larissa Hirst

Well what can I say about Larissa, a wonderful young lady who juggles her commute to London everyday as a Journalist and was crowned Miss Southampton earlier this year and her and Ian her partner have had a tough few months and always good friends and look forward to seeing you at the Miss Hampshire Finals.

Larissa Hirst (40 of 84) Larissa Hirst (46 of 84)

Alize Lily Mounter

Met with Alize at the Miss Sussex Pageant day and had about 20 mins to do some photos with Alize, a wonderful person and a former England.

AlizeLily (277 of 355)

Stephanie Hill – Miss Chesterfield / Rebecca Drysdale – Miss Nottingham

I met Stephanie at the Miss England finals and managed to do a photoday with her and Rebecca Drysdale the day after the Semi Finals.

Angie3-204 Angie2-62

Angie1-146 Angie1-119

Annabelle – The Miss Hertfordshire Mascot

Sue Waite’s daughter Lisa , this is her little daughter Annabelle and I’d been promising for a while to do some photos with Annabelle and what a fun day, even got bribed with some cakes from Annabelle.

Annabell (137 of 298) Annabell (29 of 298)

Carina Tyrell – Miss Cambridge 2013 (Miss England 2013) and now 4th place at Miss World

Back in March I met up with Carina just after she had won the Miss Cambridge event and we went through some different looks with just me, Carina and her Mum , great day and the rest is History, Carina went on to win Miss England and came 4th at Miss World.

Carina_Tyrell (696 of 785) Carina_Tyrell (499 of 785)

Carina_Tyrell (425 of 785) Carina_Tyrell (370 of 785)

Charlotte Giles – Miss Hampshire 2013

Was great meeting up with Charlotte and Mum Tracie who came down to Hampshire for the day just before the Miss England finals and we did a few hours down on the beach for some shots for Miss England.

Charlotte runs a very successful makeup business with Mum Tracie in London


Charlotte_Beach (149 of 196) Charlotte_Beach (190 of 196)

Dan Holden

Need to start doing to more Male shoots next year , as this was Dan’s first shoot earlier this year and was a natural in front of the camera.

Dan_Holden2 (2 of 29) Dan_Holden2 (21 of 29)

Jasmine Hodge

Jaz as she is known to everyone , was my photogenic winner at Miss Hampshire earlier this year and I know she is a big fan of Kate and Cara..Models that is..and had a great day with Jaz..natural



Jade Wesley

I met Jade at the Miss Cambridge Finals this year and it only took 7 months to get round to doing a little photoday with Jade.

JadeWesley (36 of 44) JadeWesley (80 of 352)

Kirsty Heslewood

What can I say about Miss K as I call her…Miss Herts, Miss England, Miss United Kingdom, Miss World Finalist, successful model …always great to have a day with Kirsty as I’ve know her for about 3 years now and she has’nt changed a bit, still the wonderful person I met 3 years ago at the Miss Herts auditions and was a complete role model as Miss England and the money she has raised for the Variety Childrens charit has been amazing.

More great times ahead I’m sure for Kirsty..xx





Larry Miller & Alan Johnson – Rock Legends

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to meet Alan Johnson at a photosession and then invited to a gig where he played on stage with Larry Miller Blues band..what a night..Gibson’s and Tele’s everywhere..volume up to 11 and rock and roll.

Larry_Alan (532 of 537)

Larry_Alan (275 of 537) Larry_Alan (229 of 537)

Xander and the Keys

One of my favorite bands at the moment and has been a pleasure being in the studio with them and at some live gigs taking photo’s , watching these guys create some amazing songs from just a few guitar riffs and the energy on stage is awesome…a band to watch out for next year and I’m really looking forward to documenting their year.


Xander1D (7 of 91) Xander1D (17 of 91)

Xander1D (23 of 91)-Edit Xander (114 of 139)

Brighton MOD Weekend

Never miss this event and especially not this year as it was the 50th Anniversary of the famous Riots on the Beaches.

I got down to Brighton early and by 8am , the sound of hundreds of Lambretta’s and Vespa’s came riding into down..amazing day and some retro Northern Soul Sounds…just a few shots from the day.

Mod50Brighton (313 of 349) Mod50Brighton (311 of 349)

Mod50Brighton (275 of 349) Mod50Brighton (114 of 349)

Mod50Brighton (23 of 349)Mod50Brighton (12 of 349)

Mod50Brighton (24 of 349)

Some of my favorite Landscape shots from 100’s and just random days out with my Leica camera

NF (14 of 32) KewGardensMay2014-180 leica_Feb_London (110 of 122) leica29112013_Throop (60 of 77) leica29112013_NFFrost (65 of 130) leica27112013_Heng (95 of 271) leica27112013_Heng (192 of 271)

IOW2 (13 of 32) IOW_DayThree-74 IOW_DayOne-167 IOW_DayOne-137 IOW_DayOne-130

Kev & Racheal ..Day Trip to Hampshire

Back in August Kev and Racheal came dow to visit on one of my photo tutorial days, camera’s and lenses at the ready….

First thing I did was use some coffee jars and some shade and some sunlight..sure they’ll explain..

After some theory and some practice..down to Hengistbury Head..loads to photograph ..sand, beach huts etc..

Since then Kev and Racheal have gone back to Birmingham and have really got a passion now for photography after the one day they had with me..maybe it was me , I’m not sure..but I know they love it now..


And Finally…

Roseanna Liddiard

Since I met Roseanna about 18 months ago when she had just turned 17, I saw something in her that was quite unique.

Upon our first photosession 18 months ago Roseanna got selected by Base Models in London and since then I have been working with Roseanna on various shoots through out the year, I could post hundreds..cause there are hundreds of amazing images that we have done together and it’s been a privelage to see Roseanna grow in confidence and even our day trip to London to all the Top Modelling agencies was fun and she has given me so much inspiration behind the camera as she is not afraid to try new things and is probably one of the most natural people I have photographed in a while.

2015 gonna be a great year for you Roseanna and thanks again.

RosieA (24 of 180)

RosieB (45 of 60)

RosieB (18 of 60)  RosieA-131 RosieB-81RosieB-85

RosieB-99-Edit  RoseC-105-Edit-Edit

Rosie1-64 Rosie2-130

 RoseannaSopley (87 of 104) RoseannaSopley (104 of 104)

RoseannaSopley (57 of 104)

Thanks again to everyone who has followed my photography this year and I’m sorry if I’ve left anyone out , but everyone I’ve photographed has been a pleasure to work with..I would love to share more images, but this blog would probably go on for ages..


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