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Why do I love piers, well it’s memories of a bye gone era when piers were the centre of a seaside town and where we probably all once went on a holiday, whether it be Blackpool, Brighton or Bournemouth. The old structures of some of these majestic piers are starting to fall away now and like the one in Portsmouth, Southsea Pier has just been left to rot. Here are some images from a few Piers along the south coast…

Bournemouth Pier at Night

UK Piers


Bournemouth Pier at height of Summer 2013


UK Piers14


One of my favourite Piers..Brighton Pier..still used as it always was, unfortunately the Old West Pier was burnt down in 2002 and still remains one of the most photographed Piers in the UK

UK Piers06


Brighton West Pier


Brighton West Pier


Brighton Main Pier..still used as much today as it has been for years..and packing crowds of people on the Pier eating Candy Floss and Amusement Arcades of my favorite when in Brighton.

UK Piers07


UK Piers04


UK Piers05

Some of the night time attractions on Brighton Pier..

on Brighton Pier


on Brighton Pier


on Brighton Pier


on Brighton Pier


on Brighton Pier

Bognor Pier..Just a relic of what used to be..

UK Piers02


UK Piers03


Bognor Pier


Portsmouth Southsea Pier, no longer used anymore, but just behind the railings you can see the amazing craftsmanship gone into building this pier and the structure underneath is amazing, hope one day they restore this pier for everyone to use.

UK Piers11


UK Piers12


UK Piers13

Boscombe Pier..probably on of the most simple designs , but has something about the place on a overcast day.

UK Piers08


UK Piers09


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