New Forest – First Frost of 2013

Woke up at 6am this morning and looked out of the window and saw the car had frosted over…rather than going back to bed..thought I’d get out and drive up to the New Forest near Wilverley..

Temperature on the car read -8 ..flask of coffee and camera in bag and still dark..walked up past the river which was almost silent and up through the tree’s and waited for the sun to rise..reminded me of the times I used to get up to go fishing before sunrise on a cold winters morning..

“Makes life worth living..”

New Forest Frost01

New Forest Frost02

New Forest Frost03

New Forest Frost04

New Forest Frost07

New Forest Frost05

New Forest Frost06

New Forest Frost08

New Forest Frost09

New Forest Frost10

New Forest Frost11

New Forest Frost12

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